Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fry your own chips

I could go to the store, buy a bag of chips; already flavored, just rip open and munch, but got into making my own. 

I bought 80 tortilla rounds today, cost me $3.08 from Walmart. Cut three rounds at a time in half, then those halves into thirds, (so each tortilla gave m6 6 chips).

Heat some oil up to 300*F. (Used Canola Oil, cause it was there, but use whatever is ya fancy). Chips in the oil, fry till they were golden brown. Took about 2-4 minutes on each batch. 

I did 18 rounds, cut and fried in sets of 3 rounds. 18 rounds x 6 (that I cut out of each round) = 108 chips). If you want to go further.

$3.08 / 80 rounds = 0.03 cents a tortilla... 6 chips (which can be cut out each round) = 0.006 cents a chip... times by 108 chips (that I made) = .69 cents for this whole batch... & I still have a ton for another time. 

So why go through all a this? Its fresh, cheap, know what I'm eating, & can flavor them how I want. 

This is just my 2 cents on the matter. Go buy your chips if ya want, but this is my option. Can be something fun with the family, or have some friends over and hang around the kitchen before a show.

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