Wednesday, June 24, 2015

bgrmosaic: What's Important...

What's Important...been thinking about this while fixing my place and website. 

Transit is important to me. Good transit means freedom, access to areas one may not get to see otherwise. I also love the way lines weave around each other, forming routes in transit maps...probably the best reasoning to the focus of lines in my work, draws the eyes around. The transit map on my main website page will be updated soon.

I like knowing how most things work, also being able to fix them, so took on building the bgrmosaic website myself. It has given me a Lot of appreciation for those who stare over HTML codes all day. Can make my way around HTML decent enough so far, will learn CSS in time.

Having a local number is important. Why?. Most people's reaction to a foreign number is not that great, (taken as some telemarketer and ignored). An added extra confusion I've encountered, giving out my NYC cell number, whose area code 917, around Portland, OR, whose cell area code is 971. Enough assumptions of, I gave out the wrong area code, prompted me to get a local number through GoogleVoice, (now on my website).

This Blog will remain a mix of things I'd like to share: transit, travel, mosaics and food. Highlight things that interest me, and hopefully you as well.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

bgrmosaic (spring 2015)

The bgrmosaic Flickr Page has been up and running. The pictures there are mainly of around Portland, Oregon, construction, transportation, local and in traveling. I have been strongly considering making albums in my Flickr account, for my various artworks.